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Henry at Luna's playing MIngus duets with Ross Hammond

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I've always been passionate about guitar. I play a variety of styles, but they all tend to be infused with a jazz flavor. I love the intuitive way of playing.  I live for playing in the zone. I've been teaching almost as long as I've been playing. I taught two guitar classes when I was in high school, a mere four years after starting. My quest has always been how best to communicate the most effective way of  learning this beautiful and otherwise awkward instrument. I think I've found some ways of unraveling some of its mysteries.

How does this differ from all the other online guitar sites?

 I haven't seen ANY sites that actually teach guitar. I see a lot of videos with guitarists SHOWING you what they're doing, but I see very little teaching you how to do it, besides finger positions.   After lessons with me, you will actually be a better guitar player, if you apply yourself.

And ANYBODY can play the guitar! There are no secrets,  just correct information arranged in a orderly step by step fashion. 

But What Will I Learn?

In short you will learn the sum-total of all I know from my 40 plus years as a professional guitarist and teacher. At its most basic I will teach you how to learn, if you're a willing student. I mean ACTUALLY how to learn. And this you can take anywhere, for any subject! We will learn how to solo on any song, without having heard it before, in any style. You'll learn all the chords and how to construct them yourself. You'll learn how to read and be conversant in the language of music. You'll be able to walk into a band situation, school big band, professional gigs, what have you, and read a chart down cold. You'll learn the music terminology and theory without even knowing you're learning theory because it's all applied! You'll learn how to play rhythm guitar in any stye, from rock and roll to funk or jazz. We will cover basic finger picking and learn some classical pieces.  You can get trained like a studio musician, so if anyone requires your services, whether it's someone with a home or professional studio or who wants to hire you as an "on call" live ace, you'll be trained to handle it. You'll learn the blues and a lot of jazz tunes.  You'll learn how to improvise, which is actually a key ingredient to being able to write songs quickly. You'll learn to trust yourself and your own instinct as a musician.  

In short you will learn the basics, fundamentals and keys to being an accomplished musician. Since I am a jazz musician and since jazz is some of the most challenging music to play on the guitar, we will focus on that as a reference point.  But if you're interested in another style, I will reorient the lessons to teach that style as well, as best I can! You choose the track you want to be on: Jazz, Rock, shred, R&B, blues, pop. 

None of this is particularly hard.  It requires a commitment; taking each step, not skipping steps and building from there. And it's a lot of fun!

Finding The Method

Beginning example lesson.

Intermediate example lesson.

Guitar Lessons

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Here I'm improvising.  My favorite thing. 

This is improv I did today, 6/28/12, on the chord changes of a well known standard. Joe Gilman is on piano, Michael Stephens on drums and Chris Symer on Bass. 

This is Light and Shadows, a fusion a piece I wrote many years ago. I played this improv just a couple of days ago. It was an old file I had and updated, so to have something to play on. I love playing my Strat.  I gives me such a different point of view.© Henry Robinett 2020