Lesson Example - Intermediate Level

The above is from the Major Scale Patterns. The numbers on the left are the fingers.  On the grid on the right you can see the notes. These scale patterns are three notes per string. There are 7 of them and they form the basic building blocks of my intermediate and advanced lessons.  

Understanding these scale patterns can not be over emphasized. Know the fretboard is key to understanding the guitar.  The guitar IS the fretboard and the scale patterns is the key. The scale patterns serve as plastic overlays for the old overhead projectors, if you know what those are. You place an "overlay"  on the fretboard.  These overlays are scales.  Even chord COME from scales, so they take a severe precedence. 

We map chords and connect the dots between the big three: scales, chords and arpeggios. Then we APPLY what we study to songs, or short pieces and examples, in a sly manner where theory is just sometihng that is used and not TAUGHT in a dry manner. Context and application is everything. 

Each lesson has a PURPOSE which is explained and there's a self administered quiz, after each lesson,  so you can be sure you've gotten all the pertinient information. 

There are videos throughout to assist you and show, by example, what I'm trying to say. 

Similar to the beginning courses, I take a step by step approach to teaching.  Also, and of paramount importance, I want to make sure the student does not go past any word or symbol he or she doesn't fully understand.  Obviously I'm not there to quiz you on this, so I can only emphasize that the reasons a student fails is because he or she just whizzed by some term or symbols - and music is FULL of them.  So I've included at the top of the website, Music Definitions. Use this. I can't explain every single term, repeatedly on every page, - although I make an attempt, but I try to make certain that words are contained there. If I miss some, let me know, but there are online dictionaries, musdic and otherwise, all over the web. 

I can also do live lessons via Skype or in person at my studio. 

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