Payment Center


In person or Skype.

Intermediate and advanced Skype lessons are an hour  for $75. 

Beginning Adults (half hour) is $35. 

Children or just very basic (half hour) $25. 

Web lessons: 

These are pre-arranged courses

A single beginning  lesson is $25. This entails a consultation for the course, which is personalized email, text or Skype. The student will have their own page lesson. Approximately a half hour. 

The Reading Course is $35. A basic course in getting up to speed with reading. It follows a well researched outline that divides reading into bit sized chunks making it easy and understandable. 

The Beginning  Course is $60.  

An Intermediate Course is $80.  The Comprehensive Fretboard Part 1 and Part 2 are two separate courses at $80 each. 

Advanced Courses are coming soon. 

For a special introductory period I'm combing the Reading Course with the Beginning Course and the Intermediate Course. 

A Single Lesson will remain up for a month. 

All other course will be up for 3 months. 

When payment is made indicate what course you want and make sure I have an email address that works! I'lll give you a user name and password and we're up and running.  Please be patient though.  This is not an automated system. I have to be home or at my computer to give you your user name and password. We will also communicate a lot via email.  I'm going to look into skype as well. 

Prices are subject to change. 

Student references available upon request.

Skype or In Person live 



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